What is Pruning?

Pruning is when a gardener controls the growth of the plant and develops it into specific patterns. Pruning is one of the more essential gardening skills and it involves trimming sections of your plants and garden to encourage positive and healthy growth. It also helps the garden look neat and tidy!

Pruning incorrectly can lead to dead or damaged plants the action of removing dead, overgrown or unwanted branches from a hedge, shrub or bush. Good pruning of your plants will lead to a healthier and more attractive garden.

If you need professional Pruning services, then get in touch with G McColl Tree Services.

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How long will Pruning take?

At G McColl Tree Services, our team will take many factors into consideration for pruning. We will have to determine the access required for the equipment and machinery, how large your garden is and how many plants need to be pruned, and any potential sloping/uneven areas of land that may be present which could affect or hinder our work.

We will be able to provide you with a scope of works for your specific pruning project following a consultation/site visit. If you would like a quotation for your next/ongoing pruning job, speak to one of our experts at G McColl Tree Services today.

When to prune plants

This is a common mistake people may make when attempting to prune on their own accord; pruning during the wrong season. Pruning at incorrect times of the year can lead to devastating results in your garden, it is always best to let a professional prune your plants as they all have different needs and requirements when it comes to pruning.

The team at G McColl Tree Services have the qualifications and expertise to understand and determine when to prune each plant. We understand that your plants can produce more blooms and stronger growth if you trim them at specified points during the year, so timing is everything for creating a healthier and lusher garden.

If you have a garden that needs a pruning service, contact the experts at G McColl Tree Services today and we can offer you a free on-site visit to provide you with an accurate, affordable and professional quotation for pruning. The G McColl Tree Services team will determine and assess what is required and make recommendations to you on how to proceed with works.