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Finally a Land Clearing North Shore service that gets the job done safely, quickly and comprehensively. Our team understand how vital it is to undergo land clearing in a safe and efficient manner. Trust G McColl Tree Services to clear land of trees, bushes or any form of debris from locations in North Shore and the surrounding areas.

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We are the Land Clearing North Shore Experts

Land clearing is the removal of a single or a group of trees, shrubs, tree stumps and/or other general debris from an area as required to make way for increased usability of that particular area. G McColl Tree Services will ensure that our team only participate in the safe and efficient removal of your trees, shrubs and other debris in any given area. If you need land cleared by a professional arborist team, then get in touch with G McColl Tree Services.

Our Land Clearing Process

1.- Site Assessment

It is vital that our team take a full scout of the area before conducting our land clearances. This way, safety can be assured for people and property.

2.- Costings & Quote

We are proud to offer affordable quotes, costed and at a fair rate. Our quotes will depend on a number of factors such as area size and the amount need to be removed.

3.- Planning and clearing

Detailed panning is a must for our land clearing services in the North Shore. Our professional team always ensure that council permission is granted before any work is conducted.

Land Clearing Prices in the North Shore

Eveything you need to know about how we price our land clearing services in the North Shore

The average cost of land clearing services can vary in price due to a wide range of factors including size of the area, type of land clearance and how much must be removed.

As you may expect, the larger the area, typically, the more expensive it may be. Additionally, ease of access can play a role in your overall quote.

How we get you the best possible price for land clearing every time

At GMcColl Tree Services, we are always dedicated to keeping prices as low as we can whilst still offering a high-quality service. Our committed team offer affordable quotes to ensure that all of our customers receive the high standards that we set ourselves at a fair price.

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Factors that affect Land Clearing Prices

Learn More About Our Land Clearing Services in the North Shore

Our experienced arborists are all qualified for land clearances. Our team are always tooled up with the correct equipment, qualifications and attitude that you should expect to carry out professional land clearance services.

Take a look below at some of the frequently asked questions that we often receive from our valued customers.

What is land clearing?

Land clearing is essentially the removal of trees, stumps, vegetation and potential debris from woodland areas. Typically, the practice is used for land adjustments for a variety of different reasons spanning from housing or business developments to natural resource conservation. Land clearing may sometimes also refer to the removal of trees or debris from accidents such as trees falling.

How long will land clearing take?

At G McColl Tree Services, our team will take many factors into consideration for land clearing. We will have to determine the access required for the equipment and machinery, how much land needs to be cleared, the density of vegetation, and any potential sloping/uneven areas of land that may be present.

We will be able to provide you with a scope of work for your specific land clearing project following a consultation/site visit. If you would like a quotation for your next land clearing job, speak to one of our experts at G McColl Tree Services today.

Will G McColl take care of any Council requirements?

At G McColl Tree Services we understand that land clearing services are specialised. We also understand that land clearing doesn’t just happen with a short phone call. Council approval could be required, so please get in touch with our friendly team to see if it is required to have an approval document allowing us to complete your land clearance. If you’re unsure, get in touch for more information.

What is the best equipment to clear land?

There are many different types of equipment that may be used to clear land. Some examples of these may range from excavators to stump grinders.

What are the two types of land clearing?

The two main forms of land clearing are:

  • Knockdown and windrowing
  • Removal of debris

The former refers to the knocking down of trees and is usually a larger operation. The removal of debris can vary from removing trees that have fallen in dangerous locations to clearing land already full of debris and tree stumps.

Did You Know?

We at G McColl conducted our first major land clearing service over 10 years ago. Since that day, we are proud to have built up an impressive reputation for comprehensive land clearing in the North Shore, providing fair and affordable quotes.

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Why More Customers Prefer G McColl Land Clearing Services in the North Shore?

The professional team at G McColl are always happy to assist you with land clearing services in the North Shore. Whether you are looking to remove a fallen tree from the road or move potential fire risks, we are here to help. Get in touch with our friendly team today for a truly professional service and a competitive quote.

Land Clearing for Fire Prevention

Land clearing services are not only helpful for development purposes. At G McColl Tree Services, we take land clearing for fire prevention and fire break clearing very seriously. If you or your family are having any second thoughts about land clearing for fire prevention, please don’t take the risk.

Additionally, recent fire laws within NSW requires certain state block clearing to reduce the risk of catastrophic fires. G McColl Tree Services also can provide fire mitigation through our block clearing services, so that we all as a community do our bit to keep the fire danger and risk level at a minimum.

Our Land Clearing Equipment

At G McColls Tree Services, it is vital to use that we always use high-quality land clearing equipment. This is to ensure that the jobs we conduct are completed to a high standard, safely and quickly. Take a look at some of the pieces of equipment that we use on a daily basis.


Our crane are integral to the land clearing jobs that we do, especially the larger ones! From moving large trees to removing debris from up above, this piece of equipment is vital.

Safety Harness

When it comes to priorities, safety is number one. Fortunately, our team have the experience and knowledge to ensure that during any climb, their safety harnesses are locked in tight.


Often during a land clearance, we may have to also remove the stump of a tree. This is where our stump grinding services come in. With our specialist tool, we can remove any tree stump.


Some may think an axe is a rather arbitrary tool to use today, especially since the chainsaw has been invented; however, the axe is extremely useful in condensing trees down.


Chainsaws are extremely important to our operation. We only use top-quality chainsaws to ensure that we can conduct our services to the best standard, quickly and safely.


Mini excavators can often be used during large-scale land clearing. These are used for earthmoving, digging and the removal of trees and debris.

See Our Land Clearing Team in Action

See the G McColl Tree Services team in action, land clearing in locations around the North Shore.

Some Examples of Reasons for Land Clearing in the North Shore

Over the years we have had many customers request land clearing services in the North Shore. There are a wide variety of reasons why land clearing is important. Take a look at some of the common land clearing jobs that we have been asked to conduct.

Please contact our friendly team to discuss a quote.


Multiple trees overgrowing, fallen debris or unsuitable public walkways. We often find that safety is one of the biggest reasons for requiring our land clearing services.


In order to promote new housing or business developments, some land clearing may be required. When it comes to land clearing, no job is too big or too small for us!

Nature Renovation

Sometimes, fallen trees or debris can spoil beautiful spots where otherwise nature would flourish. This is where we come in, removing blockages and allowing the ground to breathe.

Fallen Trees

Fallen trees are a common occurrence for our team. Whether they are blocking the road or covering your entire garden, we are here to clear the space for you.