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Finally a Tree Removal North Shore service you can rely on. We understand how important it is to undergo tree removal in a safe and efficient manner. Trust G McColl Tree Services to remove any type of tree from any location in North Shore and the surrounding areas.

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We are the Tree Removal North Shore Experts

It can be a difficult task to find professional tree removal in the North Shore. If you own land with trees, you’ll understand how vital it is to find an arborist that values safety, speed and affordability. Fortunately, G McColl Tree Services are here to help. From trees causing building damage to garden renovations, our experienced team of tree removal specialists are passionate about helping our customers clear hazardous or unwanted trees.

Our Tree Removal Process

1.- Tree & Site Assessment

Our team of tree removal professionals always begin with a comprehensive scout of the area. This way, we can assure the safety of any nearby people and property.

2.- Costings & Quote

We provide costings & affordable quotes depending on a variety of factors such as size and number of trees for removal. More details on our pricing below.

3.- Planning and removal

Detailed panning is always conducted with every tree removal in the North Shore. We ensure that tree removal permits are approved by the local council before any removal begins.

Tree Removal Prices in the North Shore

Eveything you need to know about how we price our tree removal services in the North Shore

The average cost to remove a tree can range in price massively depending upon numerous reasons including the height, diameter and type of tree, as well as its position in the garden. Naturally, the larger the tree the more expensive it will be to cut it down. Ease of access is important too as the more difficult it is to get to the tree the longer it will take and thus the cost will increase.

How we get you the best possible tree removal price, every time

At GMcColl Tree Services, we are committed to quality and affordability. Our team always offers a fair quote to ensure that our customers get the best standard of tree removal in the North Shore for an affordable price.

Furthermore, our team uses the best standard of equipment and has a plethora of experience. This allows us to offer you a quote that more than equates to the quality of our workmanship. To get a free and affordable quote, please contact our friendly team today!

Factors that affect Tree Removal Prices

Learn More About Our Tree Removal Services in the North Shore

Our experienced Arborists are all qualified for tree removal services. We have all the necessary tools, qualifications, and professional workmanship you would expect when it comes to tree removal services.

Take a look below at some of the frequently asked questions that we often receive from our valued customers.

What is Tree Removal?

Tree Removal means to cut down a majority percentage of the crown of a tree, or the whole tree itself through actions that may be direct, or indirect. Tree removal also includes the removal of the root system, and/or damaging a tree which may cause it to decline and die over time. Tree removal can be done in many different ways, some of which are safe, healthy and technically correct, other ways can be dangerous, unhealthy and ill-advised.

G McColl Tree Services always use safe and qualified methods when performing tree removal services. Our expert Arborists can competently complete all tree removals across the North Shore and Northern Beaches. And with backed experience, qualifications and training; you can be sure that your tree removal project will be done with professionalism and care.

If you need professional tree removal services, then get in touch with G McColl Tree Services.

What's involved with a professional Tree Removal service in the North Shore?

G McColl Tree Services use specific pulleys, ropes, slings and even cranes when necessary to quickly and safely remove trees even when they pose a threat to your property and neighbouring properties. Safety is always our number one priority so protecting you and surrounding properties will always come first. That means we secure large branches and sections of the trunk, lowering them to safety and remove all the pieces. We do this quickly and professionally with minimal disruption.

Depending on the situation, one of our friendly and qualified team members will determine a professional plan/approach to best remove the tree safely.

Will G McColl take care of any Council requirements?

At G McColl Tree Services we know that Tree removal services are a specialised service. We also know that tree removal doesn’t just happen with a quick phone call. Council approval may be required, so get in touch to see if it is necessary to have an approval document to allow us to complete the tree removal. If you’re unsure, get in touch for more information.

How long will tree removal take?

At G McColl Tree Services, our team will take many factors into consideration for your tree removal project. We will have to determine the access required for the equipment and machinery, how big and/or tall the tree is, the location of the tree, and any potential sloping/uneven areas of land that may be present which could affect or hinder our work.

We will be able to provide you with a scope of works for your specific tree removal project following a consultation/site visit. If you would like a quotation for your next tree removal job, speak to one of our experts at G McColl Tree Services today.

How much does it cost to remove a tree near me?

G McColl are proud to always offer fair and affordable pricing for our tree removal in North Shore. Your quote will depend on various factors such as dimensions of your tree, ease of access and equipment needed. Our friendly team will be happy to offer you a free quote based on the job at hand. Please contact us today for professional tree removal in North Shore.

Did You Know?

G McColl removed their first tree over 10 years ago. Since that day, we have built up an impressive reputation for high-quality tree removal in the North Shore, offering fair and affordable quotes.

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Why More Customers Prefer G McColl Tree Removal Services in the North Shore?

Whether you have tree that needs to be removed on a commercial or domestic property in Sydney, our experienced team can help. G McColl Tree Services are more than happy to assist you and remove any unwanted trees safely and professionally. Get in touch with our friendly team today for a competitive quote and truly professional service.


Experience is key, especially when conducting potentially life-threatening tree removal services. Luckily, everyone at G McColl Tree Services has years of experience in the removal of trees. We know that with experience and expertise, we can offer a quality tree removal service with safety at the heart of our operation.


There are many different reasons a tree may need to be removed sometimes due to danger and disease or they may have simply outgrown their location. G McColl Tree Services can ensure that the tree is removed safely avoiding any damage to the surrounding area. Additionally, we are fully insured for your peace of mind.

Council Approved

Before conducting any tree removal services in the North Shore, we always ensure that council approval has been passed. Additionally, t is extremely important to make sure that certain equipment is legally permitted to be used in certain areas. This is for the protection of people and nearby property.

Our Tree Removal Equipment

At G McColls Tree Services, we always ensure that our tree removal equipment is of a high standard. In order to conduct our services to the best of our ability, we need to know that we posses the tools to get the job done right. Take a look at some of the pieces of equipment that we use on a daily basis.


Especially for bigger jobs, our cranes are vital to ensure that we can reach right to the top of any tree! Sometimes, before removing a tree, we will need to remove cumbersome branches. This is where our quality cranes help us get the job done.


Once a tree has been removed, you may require our stump grinding services. Our specialist tool allows us to remove any tree stump, leaving your piece of land flat and free of any evidence that we tree was once there.


One of the most important pieces of equipment that our tree removal experts own. We use only high-quality chainsaws to ensure that we can conduct our services quickly, safely and to the best standard.


Sometimes, axes and chainsaws don’t give the amount of reach that is needed to remove pesky branches. For those time when we need to prune in order to remove your tree safely, our loppers come in handy.


Many people believe that, since the invention of the chainsaw, axes have become a little redundant; however, this could not be further from the truth. This important piece of equipment is key to our operation.

Safety Harness

Safety is at the very top of our priority list when conducting tree removal in the North Shore. We have the experience to know that during any climb, we need high-quality ropes to keep our valued customers and workforce safe.

See Our Tree Removal Team in Action

See the G McColl Tree Services team in action, removing trees from properties located in the North Shore.

Some Popular Trees We Get Asked to Remove On A Regular Basis in the North Shore

Our professional team of tree removal specialists are familiar with all known trees in the local area. From Oak to Elm, we can remove any trees that are getting in the way!

Please contact our friendly team to discuss a quote.

Oak Trees

Strong and hardy, at G McColl Tree Services, we have plenty of experience in removing these well-known trees.

Pine Trees

Common plantation pine trees are not native to Australia, yet they still quite common. Often found around residential areas.

Elm Trees

Mostly found in south-eastern Australia, these trees can still be found all over the country. Often common in local parks and around fields.

Many More

There are a wide variety of trees out there. At G McColl we are familiar with all local types of tree around the North Shore.


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