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When it comes to safety, efficiency and quality service, our Tree Lopping North Shore ticks all the boxes. Whether you require a small branch trimmed or a large section of a tree removed, our team are here for you. Trust the exceptional team at G McColl Tree Services to get the job done right.

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We are the Tree Lopping North Shore Experts

You may have heard of Tree Lopping, but what does it actually mean? Tree Lopping is used to define the nature of the specific cuts of a tree. Tree Lopping is the removal of large side branches through vertical-specific cuts. Branches are often referred to as the limbs or the arms of the tree. Tree Lopping may also refer to the removal of large sections of the main crown of the tree using horizontal specific cuts, through the main stem/trunk of the tree. If you need professional tree lopping services, then get in touch with G McColl Tree Services.

Our Tree Lopping Process

1.- Site Assessment

Our professional team will always scout out the targeted area before undergoing any tree lopping. This way, we can assure the safety of nearby people and property.

2.- Costings & Quote

At G McColl Tree Services, our quotes are always affordable and fair. We cost our tree lopping depending on a range of factors such as the time required to conduct a project.

3.- Planning and clearing

Regardless of how big or small, we always start our tree lopping jobs with a clear plan. Additionally, council permission is always granted before we conduct any relevant work.

Tree Lopping Prices in the North Shore

Everything you need to know about how we price our tree lopping in the North Shore

The general cost of tree lopping can vary due to a variety of factors that you require. We offer a wide range of services that can make a difference to your quote.

As you may expect, the difficulty, knowledge, skill, and time scale required will all play a part in determining the final quote.

How we get you the best possible price for tree lopping every time

At G McColl Tree Services, we are always committed to keeping prices as low as we can whilst still offering top-class tree lopping services. Our dedicated team provide affordable quotes to guarantee that all of our customers receive the highest standards at a fair price.

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Factors that affect Tree Lopping Prices

Learn More About Our Tree Lopping Services in the North Shore

Our tree lopping services are always conducted by professional arborists and tree surgeons. Our experienced team have the tools, qualifications and right attitude to complete any tree lopping services to the highest standard.

Take a look below at some of the frequently asked questions that we often receive from our valued customers.

What does lopping a tree mean?

Tree lopping describes specific cuts to a tree. Typically it involves the removal of large branches, often referred to as the limbs or arms of a tree. Tree lopping may also refer to the removal of large sections around the main crown of a tree. If you need professional tree lopping services, then get in touch with G McColl Tree Services.

Can I use tree lopping services on my property NSW?

To use tree lopping services, even if it is on your property, you may need council permission. If you fail to get council permission, you may incur a large fine. Luckily, at G McColl Tree Services, we can contact the council for you to ensure that your tree felling is perfectly legal.

How much does it cost to loop a tree?

Your tree lopping quote will depend on a variety of factors such as the size of the project and what equipment will be needed. To receive a quote, please contact our friendly team today!

What is the difference between pruning and lopping?

The main difference between lopping trees and pruning trees is the meaning behind the practice. Pruning refers to when one is trying to prolong the health of a tree through cuts and adjustments. Tree lopping involves trimming the tree in order to modify its size.

What is a Level 5 arborist?

A level 5 arborist is the highest level that an arborist can reach. Once qualified, arborists have the licence to remove and cut down trees and have the knowledge to do so safely and effectively. Additionally, arborists understand specific needs for certain trees and how to either remove them or help them thrive.

Did You Know?

We at G McColl conducted our first major tree lopping job over 10 years ago. Since that day, we are proud to have built up an impressive reputation for providing high-quality tree lopping on the North Shore, providing fair and affordable quotes.

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Why More Customers Prefer G McColl Tree Lopping in the North Shore?

The professional team at G McColl are always happy to assist you with any tree lopping on the North Shore. Whether you are looking for a small branch to be removed or you require multiple tree lopping services, we are here to help. Get in touch with our friendly team today for a truly professional service and a competitive quote.

How long will tree lopping take?

At G McColl Tree Services, our team will take many factors into consideration for tree lopping. We will have to determine the access required for the equipment and machinery, how big and/or tall the tree is, the location of the tree, and any potential sloping/uneven areas of land that may be present which could affect or hinder our work. These elements can affect how long it may take to conduct a certain job.

We will be able to provide you with a scope of work for your specific tree lopping project following a consultation/site visit. If you would like a quotation for your next tree lopping job, speak to one of our experts at G McColl Tree Services today.

Our Tree Lopping Equipment

At G McColl Tree Services, we are proud to provide tree lopping on the North Shore. In order to conduct our job efficiently, it is vital that we have the right tools at our disposal. Take a look at some of the key pieces of equipment that help us to get our job done to the high standard that we set ourselves.


One of the most vital pieces of equipment that our tree lopping experts own. We use only top-quality chainsaws to ensure that we can conduct our services quickly, safely and to the highest standard.


Chainsaws may pack quite a lot more punch but loppers are extremely vital to our tree lopping operation. For the times when we must remove branches that are further away or do not need as much power, this piece of equipment is key.

Safety Harness

Safety is right at the top of our priority list when conducting tree removal on the North Shore. We have the experience to know that during any climb, we need high-quality ropes to keep our valued customers and workforce safe.


Large trees or trees that are in dangerous proximity to property may require professional crane work to accompany the job. Our professional team conducts crane work to ensure that tree lopping jobs are completed efficiently and safely.

See Our Tree Lopping in Action

See the G McColl Tree Services team in action, conducting tree lopping services in locations around the North Shore.

Some Popular Trees That Require Tree Lopping in the North Shore.

Our professional team of tree lopping experts is familiar with all known trees in the local area. From Oak to Elm, we can remove any trees that are getting in the way!

Please contact our friendly team to discuss a quote.

Pine Trees

Common plantation pine trees are not native to Australia, yet they still quite common. Often found around residential areas.

Elm Trees

Mostly found in south-eastern Australia, these trees can still be found all over the country. Often common in local parks and around fields.

Oak Trees

Strong and hardy, at G McColl Tree Services, we have plenty of experience in removing these well-known trees.

Many More

There are a wide variety of trees out there. At G McColl we are familiar with all local types of trees around the North Shore.