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With specialist equipment, a good wealth of knowledge and vast experience, G McColl Tree Services Sydney provides high-standard tree care services for domestic and commercial customers. By choosing G McColl Tree Services in Sydney, rest assured that you will receive exceptional service from our knowledgeable and friendly tree care specialists.

We pride ourselves on our years of experience and reliable service and are committed to providing top-quality customer care in all North Shore tree services. Safety is paramount, and we ensure you, your property and our team are kept out of harm’s way. Our experts are fully trained and equipped with the latest tools and techniques to handle all your tree service needs with professionalism, efficiency and a friendly attitude. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your tree care needs..


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Our Services:

  • Pruning Regular pruning helps maintain the health and appearance of your trees, promoting growth and reducing the risk of potential hazards.
  • Tree Removal — Removing a tree that is causing structural damage, blocking sunlight or posing a safety hazard can improve the overall aesthetics and safety of your property.
  • Tree Work — Our professional tree work ensures the health and longevity of your trees, improving the beauty and value of your landscape.
  • Crane Work — With our crane work expertise, we can safely and efficiently remove trees from difficult-to-reach areas.
  • Land Clearing Clearing your land of unwanted trees and debris creates more space and a safer environment for new development or other uses.
  • Stump Grinding — Removing unsightly stumps improves the appearance and functionality of your outdoor space while also preventing potential trip hazards and pest infestations.
  • Tree Lopping — Our expert tree lopping services help maintain the natural beauty of your landscape while also promoting the health of your trees and minimising the risk of damage to your property.
  • Tree Reduction and Dead Wooding — Reducing the size of your trees and removing deadwood improves their appearance, promotes healthy growth and reduces the risk of falling limbs or branches.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Storm Work — Our 24-hour emergency storm work ensures that we are available to help you quickly and safely address any tree-related emergencies.
  • Arborist Services including an AQF Level 5 Arborist Report — Our comprehensive arborist services, including AQF Level 5 Arborist Reports, provide expert advice and guidance to help you maintain the health and beauty of your trees.
  • Hedge Trimming — Regular hedge trimming improves the appearance and health of your hedges, making your outdoor space more inviting and enjoyable.

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Experienced level 5 Arborists providing Quality Tree Services Sydney-wide for many years. A Level 5 Arborist is the highest level of certification in the arboricultural industry in Australia. It requires extensive knowledge and experience in tree assessment, management and care and a thorough understanding of tree biology and physiology. We are qualified to provide expert advice on tree health, safety and management and are often called upon to assess the health and condition of trees in high-risk situations, such as near power lines, buildings or other structures.

We understand how trees can impact your property, home or business. That is why we always work safely and professionally to efficiently maintain and remove trees. We are committed to keeping you, our team and the general public safe and away from potential hazards by adhering to strict safety guidelines and ensuring proper training and quality equipment. Whether we are pruning, removing or maintaining trees, you can trust us to maintain industry-leading safety standards while efficiently taking care of your tree-related needs.


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PRUNING services at affordable prices

Tree Pruning is not just a skill but also AN art

G McColl Tree Services has the skills, knowledge, and experience to carry out any pruning task with the upmost of care. Maintain your garden with greater care by having our experienced team prune your trees and plants.




At G McColl Tree Services, we are proud to provide our expert North Shore tree services to a wide range of areas throughout Sydney, including Northern Beaches. Some of the areas we service include:

Tree removal Turramurra

Tree removal Wahroonga

Tree removal Hornsby

Tree removal Pymble

Tree removal Gordon

Tree removal St. Ives

Tree removal Killara

Tree removal Epping