Take a look at our Gallery of tree work in North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney

G McColl Tree Services offers both domestic and commercial high-quality tree care services using specialised equipment, superior expertise, and lots of experience. You can be confident that when you choose G McColl Tree Services, you’ll receive outstanding levels of service from knowledgeable, friendly and helpful tree care professionals. Please take a look below at some examples of the specialised tree work that we conduct on a regular basis.

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Land Clearing

Land clearing is the process of removing one or more trees, bushes, tree stumps, and/or other types of general debris from a specific area as needed to maximise the land’s usage. G McColl Tree Services guarantee the safe and effective removal of your trees, shrubs, and other debris. Take a look at our team conducting professional land clearances below.

Crane Work

When conducting larger projects such as land clearances or emergency tree services, crane work may be required to get the job done. Additionally, we may need to use cranes to reach difficult areas, even for relatively small jobs. Fortunately, at G McColl, we have a plethora of experience in the usage of cranes when conducting tree work. See below some examples of our passionate team hard at work.

Tree Removal

If you own land with trees, you know how important it is to choose an arborist who prioritises safety, efficiency, and cost. Thankfully, G McColl Tree Services is available to assist. Our skilled team of tree removal experts is enthusiastic about assisting our customers in getting rid of dangerous or unwelcome trees, whether it be due to building damage or garden restorations. Below are some examples of our team conducting professional tree removal services.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the process of chopping or grinding a tree stump after it has been felled. At G McColl Tree Services, we use a large stump grinder to shred the remaining tree stump. If you don’t remove the stump by grinding it, your tree can begin to grow once again. The usage of a potentially hazardous stump grinder makes this a risky process, so you should always make sure that you hire an expert to complete it for you. Below are some examples of our experienced team conducting a stump grinding service.