What is Hedge Trimming?

Hedge trimming is the action of removing dead, overgrown or unwanted branches from a hedge, shrub or bush. Hedge trimming can be required for general maintenance purposes, or for specific shaping to increase the appeal and charm of a garden.

If you need professional Hedge Trimming services, then get in touch with G McColl Tree Services.

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How long will Hedge Trimming take?

At G McColl Tree Services, our team will take many factors into consideration for hedge trimming. We will have to determine the access required for the equipment and machinery, how big and/or tall the hedge is, the location of the hedge, and any potential sloping/uneven areas of land that may be present which could affect or hinder our work.

We will be able to provide you with a scope of works for your specific hedge trimming project following a consultation/site visit. If you would like a quotation for your next/ongoing hedge trimming job, speak to one of our experts at G McColl Tree Services today.

How can we help with Hedge Trimming?

A consultation and an on-site visit will allow the team at G McColl Tree Services allows us to provide you with an accurate, affordable and professional quotation for hedge trimming and pruning. The G McColl Tree Services team will determine and assess what is required and make recommendations to you on how to proceed with works. Alternatively, you may have your own desires and wishes, of which we can provide care and maintenance.

General Hedge Maintenance

General maintenance may be required also, so your hedges, shrubs, and overall garden will benefit from regular upkeep (pruning, seasonal fertilising and weeding) to ensure your garden looks its best all year-round. We can assist you with a quote for regular or seasonal care and maintenance for your hedge and tree needs.

Having a manicured hedge for privacy, as a feature, and/or even as a windbreak are just a few of many reasons to keep your hedge in good condition. The team at G McColl Tree Services understands that hedge trimming takes dedication and practice, which is why we use specialised equipment such as EWPs (Elevated Work Platforms) ladders, high-quality hedge trimmers, shears and secateurs for our work.

Your garden and yard can quickly get messy with overgrown hedges. Take advantage of the experience, skills and equipment that the experts at G McColl Tree Services provide. You can rest assured that our staff will be professional, will clean and tidy up your garden following completion of the job, that your plants will improve with growth and flourish, and that our service won’t break the bank.

Whether you are a commercial or a domestic hedge or tree owner needing experienced trimming services, the professional team at G McColl Tree Services are more than happy to assist. We’ve been providing professional hedge trimming services on the North Shore and Northern Beaches for over 15 years.