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Finally, Arborist Services on the North Shore that get the job done safely, quickly and comprehensively. Our team understand how vital it is to undergo arborist services in an efficient and safe manner. Trust G McColl Tree Services to help with all forms of arborist jobs from high-quality advice to the removal of trees.

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We are the Arborist Services North Shore Experts

Arborists have knowledge and expertise in the specialised care and maintenance of individual trees. They are educated about all the needs of specific trees and are well trained and prepared to deliver the proper upkeep needed to care for a tree. Hiring an arborist is critical in certain cases, as correct tree care is an asset that can lead to ensuring the life and health of a tree. Trees that are well cared for and look attractive can add considerable value to your home, whereas poorly maintained trees can do quite the opposite.

Our Arborist Services Process

1.- Site Assessment

Our professional team of arborists will always scout out the targeted area before undergoing any arborist services. This way, we can assure the safety of nearby people and property.

2.- Costings & Quote

At G McColl Tree Services, our quotes are always affordable and fair. We cost our arborist services and it will depend on a variety of factors such as the size of the project.

3.- Planning and clearing

It is vital that we always clearly plan all of our jobs for the safety and efficiency of our arborist services. Additionally, council permission is always granted before we conduct any relevant work.

Arborist Services Prices in the North Shore

Everything you need to know about how we price our arborist services in the North Shore

The general cost of arborist services can massively vary due to which service you require. From removing trees to pruning, we offer a wide range of services that can make a difference to your quote.

As you may expect, the difficulty, knowledge, skill, and time scale required will all play a part in determining the final quote.

How we get you the best possible price for arborist services every time

At G McColl Tree Services, we are always committed to keeping prices as low as we can whilst still offering top-draw arborist services. Our dedicated team provide affordable quotes to guarantee that all of our customers receive the highest standards at a fair price.

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Factors that affect Arborist Services Prices

Learn More About Our Arborist Services Services in the North Shore

Our arborist services are always conducted by professional arborists. Our experienced team have the tools, qualifications and right attitude to get your arborist services done right.

Take a look below at some of the frequently asked questions that we often receive from our valued customers.

What are arborist services in the North Shore?

Arborists have a top level of expertise in the maintenance and specialised care of individual trees. They understand what is needed for the upkeep of specific types of tree and will ensure that it gets the right treatment to thrive. Additionally, arborist services consist of the removal of trees, clearing land and other services such as pruning.

What is a Level 5 arborist?

A level 5 arborist is the highest level that arborists can reach. Once qualified, arborists have the licence to remove and cut down trees and have the knowledge to do so safely and effectively. Additionally, arborists understand specific needs for certain trees and how to either remove them or help them thrive.

Can I cut down trees on my property NSW?

To cut down a tree, even if it is on your property, you will need council permission. If you fail to get council permission, you may incur a large fine. Fortunately, at G McColl Tree Services, we can contact the council for you to ensure that your tree felling is perfectly legal.

How many levels of arborist are there?

There are 3 levels of an arborist. Levels 2, 3 and 5. At G McColl Tree Services, we are proud to have a level 5 arborist to complete our daily arborist services. This is the highest level of qualification and means that our team can conduct our services safely, efficiently and with a licence.

What is an arboricultural impact assessment?

An arboricultural impact assessment is a report that deduces the effect that building projects may have on adjacent trees. This can be vital to whether your planning permission will go through or not.

Did You Know?

We at G McColl conducted our first major arborist service over 10 years ago. Since that day, we are proud to have built up an impressive reputation for providing high-quality arborist services on the North Shore, providing fair and affordable quotes.

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Why More Customers Prefer G McColl Arborist Services in the North Shore?

The professional team at G McColl are always happy to assist you with any arborist services on the North Shore. Whether you are looking for professional advice on how to help your tree to thrive or you simply need a tree to be removed, we are here to help. Get in touch with our friendly team today for a truly professional service and a competitive quote.

The importance of professional Arborist Services

A poorly maintained tree can be a significant liability and even endanger you and the homes around you. With risks of large falling branches, creating a general mess of leaves and other debris, or even the whole tree falling on homes or dwellings. Pruning or removing trees, especially large trees, can be preventative measures that not only save you the hassle but can save lives.

Arborists are often confronted with dangerous tasks. For your own safety and the people around you, please ensure that any tree work you are considering is only done only by a trained and equipped arborist. They are qualified to work safely in and around trees.

Our Arborist Services

At G McColl Tree Services, we are proud to have a vast array of arborist services available to help your customers. From removing trees to crane work, our team work hard to ensure that all of our customers receive a high-quality standard of service. Please feel free to take a look at the wide variety of arborist services that we conduct regularly.

Tree Removal

Sometimes the life of a tree comes to an end. Generally speaking, tree removal is a last resort, but there are some circumstances when it is necessary. Therefore, an arborist can determine whether a tree should or should not be removed.

Land Clearing

Land clearing may be required in some instances where new development projects or sub-divisions are being engaged. Other cases might include preventative fire breaks for hazard reduction burns, post-storm debris clean up (fallen trees/branches), or just general land clearing for aesthetic purposes.

24 Hour Emergency Response

In the event of an emergency (such as a tree landing on a home or dwelling) an arborist’s knowledge will assist in the removal of the tree in a safe manner, while also reducing further risk of damage to your property, and potentially the ones around you.

Tree Reduction & Dead Wooding

The Arborist can assist with removing dangerous sections of trees such as low/overhanging branches, and parts of the tree that are no longer active through deadwood removal. Deadwood can harbour pests and diseases which may eventually affect the sections of the living tree in part or whole.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming may require safety and expertise, especially when they are in high/hard to reach areas. An Arborist can ensure the safety and competence in workmanship when hedge trimming is required in these instances.

Pruning services

Determining the type of pruning that is required to maintain and improve the health of a tree, the appearance, and ensuring the safety of trees and branches is done by an Arborist.

Situation Advice

Arborists can also plant trees, and recommend species that are appropriate for a particular location on your property which will ensure optimum growth and health. Arborists can also recommend if there will be a potential danger in the future.

Crane Work

Large trees or trees that are in dangerous proximity to property may require professional crane work to accompany the job. A professional arborist conducts crane work to ensure big jobs are completed safely.

See Our Arborist Services in Action

See the G McColl Tree Services team in action, conducting arborist services in locations around the North Shore.

Some Examples of Reasons for Arborist Services in the North Shore

At G McColl Tree Services, we are proud to offer arborist services in the North Shore and the surrounding areas. There are many different reasons why people require our professional services, from simple pruning to full land clearances for new build developments. Take a look at some of the common reasons why we conduct our experienced trade.

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Fallen Trees

It is no surprise that we often get called out due to fallen trees. Whether they are blocking roads or they have fallen in the garden, our team are happy to help.


New build developments for housing or businesses is one reason for some of our larger projects. This often involves large land clearances.

Renovating Nature Reserves

Occasionally, larger trees actually stop a whole world of nature from flourishing. This is why we offer arborist services to remove or strip back certain trees.


General safety may be our most common reason for call outs. From overgrown footpaths to precarious trees, we are passionate about keeping people safe.


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